last night I was tired way too early, so instead of going and getting drinks with my homie, I went home and reclined on my bed with Alan.  while we were reclining there, he sits up and announces “I’ve written you a haiku!”

Thank you!!!  What does it say???

To be honest, I don’t remember what it said.  It’s written down at home and I’m at work.  But it was six lines long.  There was no attention paid to syllables.  It didn’t rhyme and it wasn’t about nature.  If memory serves, it went something like “I have a boner.  Bitch, get back in the kitchen.”


One response to “haiku

  1. just like kerouac 😉

    get this shit together, woman. i’m putting you on my blogroll, ’cause i’m all up in your grillllll… like herpes, only funnier.

    bubbly soon? good.

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