the ol’ switcheroo

I just learned that damn it, when spelled as one word, is correctly spelled dammit.

I feel like this is tangible evidence that U.S. English is a stupid-ass language.  One of these days, we’re gonna wake up and “ur” is going to have replaced your and you’re because No Child Left Behind will have successfully eradicated all learned potential educators and nobody is going to think it’s weird that kids are writing their papers in lolcat and txt msg ‘dialects’.

You know, the French are a bunch of bastards about some things, but I really respect their insistance on preserving the integrity of their language.  I also really respect their bread (not just french bread… I mean French artisan baking methods and products) and the Tour de France.


One response to “the ol’ switcheroo

  1. wut r u talking about? txtspeek and l33t r awsum! lol, u obvs r old n out of touch, anna.

    also, i love you.

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