overshare 3 – or is this the original?

Here it is, folks – best quotes I’ve heard while at work this week.  I make no promises about the funniness of these quotes.  Just because I thought they were hilarious at the time doesn’t mean they are funny now.  Heck, maybe they weren’t even funny then, but I’m just that simple.  Anyhow, here you go.

Monday: “work is making me want to become a samurai trained in the ancient art of telephonic ass-whooping.”

Tuesday: “I cleaned the file so it had less clusterfuck on it.”

Wednesday: “I am happy to cheat, lie, and steal to avoid $15 extra dollars.”

Thursday: “He’s leaving in May to go to a Spanish-speaking country!”  “Where is he going?”  “New Jersey!”

Friday: “I love everything all the time, like this coffee I’m drinking or that dog that’s outside the door, you know?”

Have a good weekend.  Get into trouble.

2 responses to “overshare 3 – or is this the original?

  1. Oh Anna. These are amazing. I just have to share two choice pieces from our staff log. One is that someone can’t spell “chores” and routinely types “choirs” instead. As in, so-n-so didn’t do their choirs, and there was grease in the “brain” — yeah, I think that’s meant to be “drain”! Oh, and the best one yet, one of our clients’ dogs had to be “euphemized” — what does that even mean?! Did you call it a thing that is wasn’t actually?
    Oh god.

  2. ok here is one from my work at CD Game Exchange:

    Customer – “Can someone help me find something? I ain’t to good at all this alphabetical order shit.”

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