public service announcement

frozen zucchini is not a great idea.  the freezing process seems to turn this delightful veggie into some putrid smooshy jerky.  no, that’s not it… some sort of hippie gummy bear… no, not that either.

IT’S JUST GROSS, OK?  DON’T DO IT!  lesson learned.  if i’ve got too many zucchs, i’m giving them – FRESH – to friends who’ll put them to use in their bellies.  but friends don’t let friends freeze zucchini, ok?  ok.  i’m glad we had this talk.

One response to “public service announcement

  1. yeah, you should ask me next time. don’t freeze tomatoes either. or avocados.
    i didn’t learn this the hard way, i, for some reason or another, just know.
    what you can do is make a assload of zucchini bread/muffins and freeze those.

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