call waiting

Admit it: When people say something about “old cell phones,” you think of Zach Morris and Saved by the Bell.  I do too, so don’t go thinking I’m walking around with highfalutin ideas about you possessing a meager brain – I’m not.  I am just so…impressed that Zach Morris was able to become the poster-child of that pale-tan-brick-turned-phone.


But before Zach, there were others.  I KNOW there were.  I remember Hannibal from the A-Team chatting on one.  I have a faint recollection of Michael J. Fox à la Family Ties and Secret of My Success rocking that phone like he’d invented it himself.  And then there was also Michael Douglas, asserting his manliness all over the big screen with his modern contraption.


But, to be honest, in my hunt for photographic evidence of pre-Zach Morris usage of this ugly contraption, I may have stumbled upon my favorite Magnum P.I. pictures of all time.  First of all, we have this “sleek” version of the cell phone – a corded-phone receiver with the cord hacked off. 

You know.  Just in case you need to fight some crime after your morning swim, but find yourself in the less-than-ideal situation where you need a cell phone but frankly, they haven’t been invented yet. 

When I found this picture, all sorts of amazing ideas entered my brain.  Like, maybe pulling out an old receiver with no cord could be the new “TALK TO THE HAND!”  I mean, everyone is gonna know that you aren’t talking to anyone.  But it’s just so absurd – IT MIGHT WORK!  Of course, this picture led me to other Magnum P.I. pictures that got all sorts of other kinds of amazing ideas flowing through my brain.  Here they are.  Don’t worry.  I already know you’re thanking me.




You’re welcome.


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