overshare 5

The last one should have been called “4”, so we’re back on track with the numbering now.  I’ve gotta say, this is one of the more underwhelming quote weeks.  Sorry ’bout that.  Maybe I need to pay closer attention?  Maybe I need to hang out with/email weirder people?  We’ll see…

M: Did Jim get on you today?
T: Who would like to do it to me?
W: Thank you for calling BowFlex! [I was calling a hotel in Mexico…]
Th: [when people leave messages and end them like a signature line in a letter] Anna, please call me back.  Thank you.  Bye for now!  Mohammad*.
F: Thank you for your passion with me.

*Disclaimer – names are almost always changed (unless they’re mine) to protect anyone that I think needs protecting.  There’s a new sheriff in town.


One response to “overshare 5

  1. Meegan Mickernack-Peerdooi

    Just letting you know, you’re contributing to my delinquency and heightening my procrastination skills. This is freakin’ funny, m’ dear. Love you bunches.

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