overshare 6

I’m sorry, readers.  I have failed you.  I’m not sure if this week has simply not been funny, or if my ears have gotten too good at tuning everything out, or if I’m just becoming THAT negative that I have lost my bionic ironic hearing.  All I can say is that I really tried.  I did.  Oh, and also, if there were some way to caption any of the (assumed) thoughts from one of my bosses, who, many times this week, passed on verbal instructions to me which were addressed to my boobs instead of my face, I probably could have had more to share here,this Friday afternoon.  But alas and alack, here are my paltry offerings, overheard and now overshared.

T: So I was at the gym the other night and there was a girl wearing a bikini.  She had a HUGE cross tattoo – IN BETWEEN HER BREASTS!  Almost made me want to find religion!

F: We should all work on increasing the penetration of our customers.

I can do better.  Don’t lose faith!

One response to “overshare 6

  1. Maybe if your tits were more self-motivated they wouldn’t need constant guidance from your superiors…

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