overshare 7

Sorry about the delay.  If it makes you feel any better, and it shouldn’t, because it’s all about me and has nothing to do with you, instead of posting this week-end summary, I was drinking brandy.  At work.  Why?  Because I asked for it.  THAT’S how good I am.

This was a weird week for quotes.  Partially because they rarely came in the form of one-liners, and they were often discovered in an email, rather than actually spoken.  But given the amount of attention that was diverted from quote gathering, I’m still pretty proud of this (last) week’s accomplishments.

M: “Dan Tilcan (spic) a reporter…”     [i think she meant sic, but aren’t you glad she wrote it wrong?  accidental racism.  almost always funny.]
T: (conversation between the mother hen and me)
me – awww, look!  there’s a dog in that truck!  that’s so cute!
hen – HOW CRUEL!  They’ve only got the window open barely a CRACK!
me – it’s not like it’s hot outside…
hen – yes, but dogs like to stick their heads out the window so that they can feel the wind in their face!
me – dogs like that ALSO like to eat small children…
hen – NO! 
me – that’s a giant PITBULL.
hen – OH EWW!  I don’t like pitpulls.  Eww.
W: “I’ll hit you in a bit.”
Th: “Do we need video of him walking?”
F: [a spam email that got through the filter]  Hi.  Fat people look ugly.  not lose stop about smart care that is stop start and look what you should better happening why going.

Hopefully this trip down memory lane from last week will make your week this week just a little more bearable.  And quoteably rad.


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