overshare 8

As soon as my home computer gets its act together and starts turning on for me again, you’d best believe you’re gonna have more blogs from me than you’re gonna know what to do with.  But that’s the future.  And this is now.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 things I heard this week on company time.

M: What’s he in for?  Beating his woman because she wouldn’t do as she was told again?
T: I had a dream about Obama surviving a zombie attack!
W: The rectal exam revealed a normal sphincter!
Th: Lady 1 – “There’s an eckball on the line.”  Lady 2 – “Who?”  1 – “eckball.”  2 – “Who???  Eight ball????” 1 – “Eckball.  eckball eckball eckball!”  2 – “OH!  IQBAL!”
F: So do you really think about cocks when you’re going down on a girl?

Is it 5:01 yet?  I want some whisky.  Mmmm…. weekend…

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