overshare 9

It’s been a good week for out-of-office quotes, a quiet week for in-office quotes.  But oh, if there were a way to quote a child going from happy to severely upset because I said “hi” to it at work, this post would be OVERFLOWING with goodness. 

Fortunately or not, I only have three good quotes to share this week.  Our spam filter is showing decreasing strength against the anglophile impostors in the Viagra-pimping business, and man, if bad English doesn’t almost always make for good quotes…

T:  If you find something really stinky and peaty – you know, really smells like someone’s ASS – that’s what I want. 
W:  Good, Елена Гуслиев.  Hello, Bro! [WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT EVEN MEAN, SPAM QUEEN???]
F:  HER computer just crashed, too… maybe it’s that big bad bug… OH NO, MAYBE IT’S AL QAEDA!

BLAZERS MADE THE PLAYOFFS!  RIP CITY LIVES!  Bust a bucket, who’d a dunk it, Blazer duty, super sunk it, slammin’ geez it, killer threes it, go up-get it-got it-good! 


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