You know what is a bad idea?  Schpants.  I frickin’ love them.  They’re pants, they’re shorts, and yet – they’re NEITHER!

You know what else is a bad idea?  Pleated pants.  Even if you’re the skinniest bitch on the block, you put on some pleated pants and BAM!  INSTANT FUPA!  Unlike schpants, I actually hate pleated pants.  I have a fat upper-body everything, so thanks but no thanks, pleats, I don’t need your help.

But you know what is the WORST IDEA EVER???  PLEATED SCHPANTS!!!


Seriously.  This design person should be FIRED!  Frickin’ pleated schpants… you gotta be kidding me…


One response to “Schpants

  1. Hilarious! And you are so right, of course. But what’s the deal with renaming capri pants to some geektard word like “shpants”?

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