The internet is relatively new (duh) and the way in which people ultimately decide to receive and navigate their internet is probably always going to be changing.  I am totally blowing your mind right now, I can just tell. 

Back in the day, there was Friendster.  I will admit I have a Friendster page.  I try to check it at least once a year.  Nothing has happened since I got it.  Why?  Because I got a Friendster page after Myspace was the “it” networking site, as evidenced by all of the social observation news and research articles which referenced this new “social awareness/culture/presentation of the ‘self’/display of the ego/hugely time consuming entity capable of getting one both fired and famous”.  So, what else was a Friendster member to do but ditch the mothership and seek out “Tom”?  Ah yes… Tom… you were everyone’s first friend.  And you were the first person I unfriended.  Did it hurt, Tom?  I bet it did.  I mean, have you SEEN my photo albums?  I GIVE GOOD FACE, OKAY?  But I didn’t ditch the mothership.  No.  I mean, who knows when Friendster will have its resurgence?  And when it does, I’ll be there.  Member since ??? (I have no idea – and I don’t want to log into my Friendster page to check.)

But before I joined Friendster, I was a member to the once-elite Facebook.  I am not afraid to say that I am a beta-era user of ye olde Facebook, that new networking site that has eclipsed Myspace in popularity (new members) and importance (references to its ‘cultural role and far-reaching social effects’ in your favorite newspaper, magazine, and journal).  I was an OG FB member for the original purpose – connecting with classmates to organize study groups and trade class notes.  *NERD*NERD*NERD*NERD*

As each one of these sites – and surely others that will follow (Twitter, anyone?) – overtakes the other as the most current and “socially relevant” networking site, we as the users are changing in the ways in which we exploit our audience for maximum exposure and validation.  I know it took a while, but THIS is why I’m writing this blog.

Listen, friends, I know that no matter what I say here, I either already am or shortly will be a hypocrite.  However.  Here I stand, upon my soapbox:

  • You already have a Myspace music page.  I am your “friend.”  I get your show information, I listen to your new songs/mixes, and I try to let you know regularly that I keep up with you.
  • You already have my email address for your regular (or not) gig/recording email updates.
  • You’ve seen me in your crowd so you know I’m not just your “friend”/email address so that your friend count numbers are high.
  • You may or may not also have a website where you can creatively present your package.

So why do you insist on having a Facebook fan AND group page?!?!?  If life has taught you anything up to this point, I truly believe that the knowledge that these networking sites have proven themselves to be the very definition of passing fads.  Why in the WORLD would you dedicate so much time and energy to re-fan/group/friend requesting me after I have rejected your “Cause” so many times???  Is Facebook REALLY your only marketing tool???  If you care that much about world hunger and children and literacy and furthering your artistic career, I highly suggest that you devote more time to cultivating your online presentation in a forum that is a little more distant from all of your bathroom self-portrait profile pictures and your ‘send a cocktail!’ apps, because, to be honest, I’m having a hard time taking you seriously. 

Really, the only reason this matters to me at all is that I think I’ve proven that I am dedicated to your personal artistic/career success.  I don’t believe that Facebook is going to be around forever.  But if we are friends, I hope that we can outlast this current Facebook phase.  If I reject your “fan/cause” request, it’s because I don’t think Facebook is the place for solving all the world’s problems – I think it’s a place people go to be ego maniacs/jerks.  But I WANT to solve the world’s problems – really, I do.  And I WANT to go to your show and I WANT other people to go to your show, too.  And if you REALLY want me to get excited about whatever it is you’ve got going on, and if you’ve noticed that I’ve rejected your advances, send me an actual message and I promise you I’ll give you my “real” contact information so that we can network outside of the lines.  But don’t just be a jerk and keep sending your request.  You aren’t wearing me down – you’re just pissing me off.  And a pissed off Anna is an ungenerous Anna.  And that’s just no help to anyone.


2 responses to “oversaturation

  1. Yeah! WTF is the difference between a “fan” and being a group member of a FB “group” anyway? Whateves, I really don’t give a shit and NEVER visit any of their pages. Furthermore, I am constantly irritated by what their “membership” ultimately brings me: incessant event invitations. I HATE them– cause at the end of the day, I’m really just hoping it’s a message from someone hot who wants to make out with me.

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