Small Thoughts

There are a couple things about me I’d like to change. Or maybe they are just things to which I wish would react differently.

1. I think my handwriting is fine. Not amazing, but fine. But for some reason, when I have to scan or photocopy my handwriting, I find it to look sloopy. I don’t know what this means about anything – but hey, it’s my blog. I’m just oversharing like you knew I would.

2. I know I talk a lot. My mom says it’s because I’m a Pisces with a Gemini rising when she’s in a loving mood. She also says I’m “just like my dad” when she’s feeling less tender. Either way, for any and all of you who think I’m unaware or unconcerned with regards to my ‘noise polution,’ you’re wrong. But let it be known that I am working to ‘lower my pollutant emissions.’

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