Today is the day when Mercury went retrograde on my effective productivity quotient.

Example 1: I get to work.  I check my email.  I find this video in my inbox. 

Thanks, Steph.

I send the email to a couple friends.  One friend responds with the Wikipedia entry on Sonseed.  He choked on a SANDWICH???  Maybe Dubya really is going to heaven…


Example 2: A PERSON close to me texts me to tell me that, yes, her suspicions have been confirmed; she is indeed “hanging by a thread” at her job and in severe danger of being fired.  When I had asked this PERSON days before what might constitute a valid basis for termination, she said “Well, I text too much at work.  But, I mean, everyone does.”  Fair enough.  This PERSON’S employers ARE crazy. 

But today, her “update” text explains that she has already been confronted twice today.  I mean, it makes perfect sense that when you are confronted twice in one day for texting too much at work that you would, while at work, text everyone who might have texted earlier regarding your concern that texting while at work would get you fired to let them know that you are still in danger of being fired for texting.  When I send an incredulous response of “did you just text me while at work to say that you are about to get fired for texting too much at work” she responds “I’m peeing.”



Example 3: I get sent a link to a news article about a Yes on Prop 8 guy.    I read it.  And I want to share.  So I do.  Goodbye productivity.


Example 4: I get another video.  Without sound on my computer, the visual alone is enough to literally cause me to cry from laughter at my desk.

Thanks, Jason.

I share the video with my soon-to-be-new roommate.  He responds with this video:

Thanks, Alex.




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