kids back then

Picnic season isn’t over yet (is it ever, really?) and there seems to be a fever spreading amongst my homies in the office to partake in a lunch date hosted by NATURE.  It feels like the right thing to do and I am wondering how the hell we made it this far into 2009 without more outdoor sammie seshes. 

Am I becoming less fun???  I don’t think so.  But then I remember that I used to pitch tents in the living room.   In fact, I ended up living in a homemade tent (sheets, quilts, and chairs-as-support) for a big chunk of 4thgrade (thanks, mom!)  Sometimes kids just make more time for fun than adults.   Then again, sometimes adults have small living rooms, lack quilts, or live with roommates who aren’t amenable to ramshackle living quarters.  And you know what?  Some kids are BORING. 

So now I am on a mission.  I am seriously entertaining an idea whereupon I will just throw down a blanket in between the three notfices, put up a sign saying “NO PASSWORD, NO PASSAGE,” and have a picnic with my cohorts.  I think the attorneys are really going to be into it.  Maybe I’ll even try to steal the dog from downstairs, just to add the extra chaos and sparkle of “dog whimsy.”  Maybe all this Public Display of Awesome will push the bosses to let us have an office kitty!  YEAH!  OFFICE KITTY!!!  I wants.

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