I have no reason to lie about this

In fact, I wish I could have avoided ever seeing it sometimes…  But, about two years ago now, my dear friend Lindsay Stamsos pulled this video up after regaling the Dudes with tales of its existence.  None of us believed her.  And those of us who did didn’t WANT to believe her.  But it was true.  There was a short clip on the internet of Angela Lansbury rubbing lotion all over her old lady body and commanding us women to “get in touch with our sexuality” while curling her toes and obscuring her strategically-placed hands under a cloud of bubbles in the bath. 

Lindsay’s overshare led to a new height of “throwing up in my mouth” intensity. 

Thanks, Lindsay.  We love you and we miss you.  WATCH OUT FOR THOSE MEN IN THE BATH HOUSES!!!

One response to “I have no reason to lie about this

  1. aaaaaahahaha.

    I am in complete disbelief that this exists, and I just watched it. WHAT.

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