Overshared From Last Night.  Yep.  That’s what is happening now.

My dear friend and I were talking last night about very serious things like carousels and marry-go-rounds.  Such topics are known to cause people to reminisce, so I guess it’s not surprise that our conversation reminded her of a conversation she’d had earlier in the day with another dear friend of ours:  “We were out for coffee and she says ‘So I finally broke down and ordered a vibrator because I was so sick of humping a pile of clothes with a pillowcase on top!’  And this, of course, is extra amazing because the pillowcase has her COUSIN’S FACE ON IT.”

Maybe you want me to name names.  But that’s just too damn bad for you.  I protect the innocent AND the horny when they are willing to overshare with me.

So.  Do you have any good OFLN for me?


One response to “OFLN

  1. One time on a scouting trip, we were bicycling down the Oregon coast and then would camp at various sites along the way. Well, each night people kind of tent hopped and one night I was with two other guys and I was only about 15-16 at the time. As we were laying there drifting off into sleep, we were casually chatting and one of the younger tent partners, age 13-14, coyly says “So guys, I have kind of a personal question and I want you to promise you won’t laugh.” We quickly agree and wonder what he would ask us that would warrant such a preface and promise. He then quietly asks “Do you guys have hair in your butt crack?” Hilarity ensued. We tried to stifle our laughs, but in spite of our efforts we tried to console him and reassure him that yes we do and we were laughing WITH him, and not AT him. Seriously though, one of the funniest questions I’ve ever been asked.

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