Ninjina is at it again.  Yes, this master of cunt fu and twatkido is stealthily vanquishing my soul.  How?  She sucks her teeth.

I don’t know what she’s ever eating, but GAHDAMN does that shit get STUCK.  I’m convinced that her lack of social grace and fashion sense is due in part to the ferocity of her teeth suckage which MUST be so intense as to be causing her to, bit-by-bit, orally vacuum with these food bits chunks of her brain.  It has never occurred to me previously that perhaps suburban ignorance and hypochondria could be prevented by such things as FLOSSING ONE’S TEETH, but you may note that what I’m TRYING to do here is empathize.  Or at least hate less.  I’m trying. Mama don’t make no promises.

In the meantime, Lindsay, who is teaching Hungarians who are motivated to learn the English language (or who have at least paid the money to act motivated) all about the existence of HUGE BALLS found this video.  It pretty much recalibrated my “how annoyed are you today”-meter to NOT A BIT.

Thank you, Lindsay!  You’re a GEM!  And thanks, Ben, for always being willing to brainstorm vaginally-themed names for anything.


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