overshare is always true

One great thing about having a blog where the point is to overshare is that you don’t have to make things up.  And, c’mon, we all know that the world has enough totally crazy stuff being said/done/eaten/sung at any given moment as to run my blogeth over.  So.  On the subject of truths.

I found $0.15 in my toaster oven today.

Seriously.  I mean, yeah… it’s weird.  But why would I lie about that?  Of all things to lie about… why would I lie about finding $0.15 in a toaster???  That’s crazy!

For the record, I just added it to my change bowl.  Along with a penny I found when I swept the floor.  $0.16 towards my future.

I think this calls for some Yacht rock.  The lesson here is that pennies are moneys, too.


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