little donkey

I woke up this morning next to a burrito.  There is nothing wrong with that picture.

UPDATE: After sharing this truth with a friend, I get a text that reads “YOU PICKED UP A MEXICAN?!”  I think forced racism has a lot of potential most of the time to be wildly hilarious.  Just for the record.

You have probably all picked up on my personal preference to include a still or moving image in every blog.  Sometimes I know exactly what I want.  Other times, I just type random things into search engines and see what I get.  You couldn’t even GUESS what I typed in to get this magnificent shot.  But goddamn if I don’t love me some Magnum P.I. AND short shorts… oooooooweeeeeeeee!  I also love racial harmony.



3 responses to “little donkey

  1. There is nothing better in this world than waking up next to someone you love.

  2. my roommate was weaving a theoretical for me the other day and naturally that necessitated saying “who’s the manliest man ever? okay, Tom Selleck..” that’s kind of the end of the story, but it’s true!

  3. My coworker Delane just did a double take walk-back to see that I starring at good ol’ Tom Selleck’s hairy legs

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