career change

My boss thinks it’s HILARIOUS to jape me about all of the opportunities I would have if I were working for ICE.  “Dude!  You’d be SET!  You’d be at, like, a GS-13, GS-15 level, you’d get to travel all over the world, AND you’d get to carry a GUN!  What about that doesn’t sound totally AWESOME??”  Uh, well, boss… while I do recognize that ICE does more than just ruin good people’s lives, you are only inspired to suggest this job to me when we are dealing with people whose lives have just been totally ruined.  And I hate guns.  And “world travel” is only cool when you’re in an airplane with windows and your co-passangers aren’t in shackles and jumpsuits.  His rebuttal is always “Yeah, but YOU’D GET TO CARRY A GUN!!!!” 

I’ve known for a very long time that my boss is somewhat brain deaf.  His ear hears it but his brain is like “yo, I’m busy, could you store that info somewhere else?  Shiiiit.  And close the door on your way out!  I was in the middle of something!”  Maybe if he would just say “If you work for ICE, you will look like Jessica Alba!” his argument might be more effective.


Robert Rodriguez gets it.  Well, at least, he gets that ‘being super hot’ is better than looking like a regular cop.

Yeah…. nope.  Still not going to work for ICE.  Thanks, though. 


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