Sour candy, FSM, and mah weave

I realized something this morning:  when my hair is wet, it looks an awful lot like the flying spaghetti monster.


This actually makes a wee-bit o’ sense, as my love for all kinds of pasta probably does actually render me a Pastafarian.  (“And in the FSM’s name we say ‘ramen.’  LET’S EAT!”) 

They say you are what you eat (which has always been a dumb thing to say as far as I am concerned because nobody in my lifetime has ever championed for ‘MORE CANNIBALISM!’  I am a PERSON, not a noodle!) but apparently my hair is the only part of me that followed through with that memo.  Or perhaps I am a Pastafarian because of my hair?  Wow… now THAT’S something to think about… I believe I love it!  I think now that if anyone questions my eerily addicted pasta habit, I’ll simply respond by saying “I’m sorry, doctor/friend/family/person who really shouldn’t be all judgemaster 3000 on me right now, you may think that eating all this pasta is bad for me cuz of the wheat or the cheese or the calories or whatever, but my HAIR MADE ME DO IT!”  I wonder if people with really really straight hair are more likely to totally love eating uncooked spaghetti noodles… I used to do it as a kid, sort of out of boredom/thinking it was cool/actually liking it, but to be honest, I never loved it.

Anyway, you know how I love sour candy???  Oh my gosh – I HAVE DISCOVERED A NEW DEERISHUSH SOUR CANDY!  And of course, it does not originate from the U.S.  No.  That would be tooooooo easy.  Thank goodness, though, it is a Haribo candy – though originally German, Haribo produces stuff here now, so I am really hoping my newly-discovered treat makes more appearances in my life.  Enough pussyfooting, woman!  What are you even talking about? is probably what you’re thinking.  (Or not.  Whatevs.)  I am talking about HARIBO SOUR S’GHETTI!!!  Oh my gosh…  It is SOOOO good!!!  It’s like the Holy Host of Pastafarianism-meets-sour-candy-addiction/religion, as far as I am concerned.  If you find some of this stuff, BUY IT!  You won’t be sorry.  And look how craaaaaazy and fun it looks!

sour sghetti

As a final aside, do you guys realize that the Flying Spaghetti Monster AND Talk Like a Pirate Day are BOTH brainchildren of people in and from Oregon???  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: BEST. STATE. EVER.


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