This is exactly what she said

I just heard someone say, without even a hint of irony or humor, “that’s what she said.” 

I don’t know that I’ve heard “that’s what she said” uttered in a normal way… like… ever.

I hope you had a Thanksgiving that was as awesome as this wolf horoscope! 


2 responses to “This is exactly what she said

  1. dude. that horoscope is totally right. i’m going to refer to that for now on.

  2. oh, man, i’ve totes heard people say “that’s what she said” unjokingly. which makes me laugh harder. the one time was at my old work. i was with two coworkers and the one said that and me and the other coworker started laughing and the first coworker said “what? that’s what she said!” haha. we had to explain to her that it was a very very common joke nowadays…

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