Baby, I’m yours

Today is seriously cracking me up.  I woke up thinking it was going to be a “Thursmeh” but today very quickly skooled me and showed me it was definitely a “Thursyay!”  I must attribute the about-face to more than one source:

1. Sweet Potato*called me.  From her butt.  When I listened to the voice mail (as I was asleep when she called), I thought she was blowing me kisses into the phone, which is seriously an adorable voice mail, if you’re going to leave one.  Turns out that her phone was rubbing against fabric, or maybe had picked up heavy machinery noises… it really doesn’t matter.  Kissy face voice mails are not a bad way to wake up.

2. I checked my twitter.  I really don’t tweet that often, but shortly after getting my account semi set-up (I have not configured it to update my account or get notifications or anything from my phone.  That’s how often I tweet.) I realized that I loved it because it was like having a short-hand version of google reader, but also, I could stay up on the all the hot shit with FOOD CARTS!!!  Yummmm…  Did you know that Big Ass Sandwiches is THE cheapest place in town to buy Aardvark Sauce??  TRUE STORY!  I didn’t discover that on twitter, but I do subscribe to their updates and I have yet to regret that move.  In fact, the only feed I ever quit was the multnomah co. arrest and booking feed.  Trust me, the treasures I found were definitely worth it, but all in all, it was too much.
But one of the blogs I follow told me about another blog and then BLAMMO!  I am now swimming in a sea of beauty and delight of new music!  Thursyay indeed!

3. I talked to Sweet Potato on the phone.  In a convo centered around WWSPD [if she were me], SP says “Hold on… I’m trying to think of things from inside the other person’s head… wait.  I gotta go sniff some markers.”  WHO SAYS THAT???  I love SP.

4. Super out of the blue, super amazingly sweet text messages from friends.  ‘NUF SAID.

Thursyay, I am seriously starting to reconsider my potential marriage to my amazing new vacuum cleaner because you are really killing it on some big big levels.

*yet again, names have been changed to protect the unaware and perhaps non-consenting.


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