Physical pain

In the vein of things that I find annoying about habits on social networking sites, I must admit that I am almost always annoyed by people who “complain” about being “so sore” from exercise.  That’s like saying you feel sad that you have so much more money than everyone else.  You worked out.  We get it.  You did something good for yourself.  Now do something good for me and shutthefuckupaboutitalready.  Shiiiiiit.  But truthfully, I’m not REALLY mad at people who complain about breaking a sweat as long as they make it funny or interesting.  Actually, one of the big inspirations for this blog was from my past experiences going to the gym (yeah… not really doing that anymore… but I’ve got BIG plans) and overhearing and observing the weirdest shit EVER.  Anyway.  The point is…

I am sore right now.  FROM LAUGHING.  I honestly haven’t laughed as hard and as thoroughly EVER as I did this weekend.  Jeebus.  My tummy huwwwwwts from all the laughing.  It was probably from all the ladies simulating foreplay choreography Friday and Sunday.  But maybe it was Tail Blazers vs. Muddy Paws.  Or my sister’s sudden inability to process basic information (LOVE YOU, SISTERPANTS.  YOU BROUGHT MY LAUGHS IN A MAJOR WAY AND THAT’S WHAT COUNTS.)  Or maybe it was ANYTHING that happened to me at all yesterday with Schmalex* and the Iditarod and waffles and mustard and bloody marys (maries?) and… I don’t even KNOW.  But I’ll tell you this: I’m not mad about my huwty tummy.

This morning, though, I was mad at my epic hangover.  I think I barfed up every sin I’ve ever committed.  Maybe that’s why they call it purgatory?  OHHHHHH!!!!  You just got PUNNED!  …although etymologically, the two are closely linked… ANYWAY.  The point is, when I am that hungover, all I am good for is watching music videos and hoping to everything that my gatorade stays DOWN.  WIN on goal A, FAIL on goal B, but hey, that still means good videos.  AND GUESS WHAT!  I found soooo many new favorites.  One of them was THIS amazing treasure from the Justice/Simian Mobile Disco collab.  DEAR OK GO: YOUR VIDEO WAS REALLY COOL.  THIS ONE CAME FIRST.

You know what’s always kind of a bummer to me?  When you get a really awesome video with a really shitty song.  Another thing that can be shitty is when you get a great music video concept, but the musician is so fucking awkward in front of the camera that the whole thing is a bust.  I saw a couple of those today, too.  At least the colors were pretty.

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