It’s super funtimes music video moment!

Oh my gosh.  OH MY GOSH!  This is so good.  And I want that camera hat!

I had my first nightmare in a while last night.  Right before I fell asleep for good, I had one of those REM nightmares that jolts your whole body.  I was being yelled at again by the Yeller, but somehow, we got stuck… like his yells were on vinyl, and it kept skipping.  Anyway, it’s really frightening to be yelled at AND realize that the person in front of you, who you thought was a person, is actually a glitchy digital thing.  When I violently jolted awake, I thought I was going to die because my heart was pounding so hard.  But then I just remembered friends simulating foreplay again, giggled, and eventually fell back asleep.  The rest of dreams were wiiiiiild, but not a nightmare among them.

It’s a good day for much bike riding!  Good day!


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