Shivs and shanks

Dear Captainess of Clan Crawford*,

I told people about your gig at the supermax tonight and the dude who hacked off his ween for funsies, which apparently is par for the course at supermaxes in Tey-hahs.  I honestly don’t think they fully believed me.  I guess it’s kind of a weird story, no matter what, but… I have a question: Why is Texas so… um… different?

I feel like if Texas were a picture, it’d kinda look like this:

Well, I guess that’s it for now, Mz. Tayhas.  Love you and stay away from the prison moonshine and shivs (they’re bad for you).

Mlle. von Funk

One response to “Shivs and shanks

  1. capitan crawford

    so this is my theory on why tehas is different…first the prison i work at is the 2nd largest in the country. we have the largest administrative segrigation in the country so of course we are gonna have waaaaay more crazies that most places. we also get lots of media attention, because we do more executions. the reason we do more executions is because we dont allow as many appeals as most states. the tax payers here aint havin it.
    one of the most dangerous/corrupt/evil places to be in jail is phoenix. in the last 5 years the man in charge there has killed two dui prisoners by using “the chair” incorrectly. we dont use it here in texas because it can kill. lots of things happen in prisons that dont make main street media, you just have an inside tract.

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