SOME PEOPLE don’t like R. Kelly.  And you know what?  SOME PEOPLE are wrong sometimes about what’s amazing and what isn’t.  I have long been curious about what this video would look like if and when it were ever to be produced.  Well, mystery solved:  it looks like 110% pure R. Kelly genius*.

*genius is a loosely-defined term, sometimes used in an ironic or even facetious manner, but generally implying that a person or their actions are of advanced intellect, oft characterized by an abundance of originality and spontaneity.  genius can also be used to describe a person who just makes up their own fucking rules about how things go because they think your rules are stupid or simply baseless in the reality of their lived experience, regardless of whether or not that lived reality draws almost entirely upon socially constructed norms that would otherwise have been the groundwork for “your rules.”  When you look up “genius” in the dictionary, the first picture you see is of some old white dude whose likeness is probably cast in marble somewhere in a museum.   The second picture you see is of R. Kelly.  Deal with it.  That’s just how it is.

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