aaaand we’re back

I started this blog for one reason, which quickly grew into many reasons to continue on with it.  But the inspirational reason was because of the totally whack-ass shit I was overhearing at work (or ‘hearing’ via email, etc.  Really, that is a totally unimportant detail.  But now you know.)  Then I wasn’t working anymore.  Not the blog’s fault.  But it happened.  HOWEVER!  I AM RE-EMPLOYED!  I am afraid to say that I anticipate this new set-up to be far less… um… quote-worthy, largely due to my co-workers lacking the extreme “fear of the unknown/everything ever discussed on local news reports” which fueled the plethora of totally bizarre and hilariously ignorant comments of yore.  Fortunately, though, I am now situated in a fantastic setting for epic people watching, and I still work with guys.  And folks, guys are fucking idiots.  Thank God.  Because idiots fuel the fire that run this blog, and if I am running short on idiots in my life, this blog can’t function.  (On the other hand, when I find myself completely surrounded by nothing but idiots, it becomes increasingly impossible to find idiocy ironic or funny.  So please, whatever you do, DON’T send me any idiots in the mail.  I’ve got plenty.  Thanks.)

PBJ, as he shall be called because of his penchant for referring to acronymized businesses and institutions by their equivalent sandwich name, stopped by my office (YEAH!  AN OFFICE!!!  WITH A DOOR!!!!!! It’s amazing.) to say ‘You know, you’re not a looker.  I mean, you aren’t hideous to look at or anything, but you aren’t… you know… *sluhDAM! sluhDAM!*’  Yes, there were the somewhat-onomatopoeically-implied/expected hand gestures and hip thrusts with that news flash from sandwich man.

I think you know what this means, folks.  This blog is definitely back in business.

3 responses to “aaaand we’re back

  1. Emma Barry

    My goodness! What a fucking wanker.

  2. he’s a seriously idiotic douchebag. if only he knew how good a lay you are…

  3. it’s just like Pink said “I don’t hear that I’m hot from a lot of straight men. I think I’m capable of being cute, but I’m comfortable with the fact that I’m not a cover girl.”

    Just cuz I’m not “a looker” – which I believe personally to be true – doesn’t mean I don’t think I’m capable of attracting people to ALL DIS MEEEEEAT.

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