new jahb

Well, technically it’s not exactly new.  The type of work I do is old.  The way I do it is only slightly different.  The where, with whom, and how I feel when I leave are very different.  And this is good.

Whenever I have worked anywhere, I find I’ve gravitated towards insignificant objects that I deem to be “mine.”  Not permanently, but when they are gone or unavailable, my “everything is right in my world” quotient is lowered by a point.  Just one.  But it’s still a point.  Often times the insignificant object is a favorite pen (I still wish I had the supertiny pencil from the last place.  It was so cute!  And shiny!).  But I always have a favorite COFFEE MUG.

I will readily admit that when I first started at the new spot, I couldn’t find a favorite mug.  They were all heavily worn and stained promo cups from some-random-company.  They weren’t funny or interesting to look at.  They didn’t make me want to hoard them in my office, or even refill my cup.  I WAS DRINKING DIET PEPSI AT 9 AM, YOU GUYS!  It was getting serious.  But then, I found it.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: THE WARNER BROS. “RON” CUP!!!!

The coffee pot can’t keep up with me now.  Everything is, again, right in my world.

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