new stuff, good stuff, stuff stuff

I’ve been working on some posts, but mama’s BUSY.  In the meantime, I really feel that nothing says “Friday” quite like a good ‘that’s what she said’ joke.  So.  You go ahead and GUESS what day it is.

Honestly, if Inception gave me any more of a cloner when I saw it, I think I’d be dead from lack of blood flow to the rest of my appendages.  I don’t care if there were holes.  I don’t care if it was eerily similar to a comic/graphic novel (I don’t think they’re the same thing, I just can’t remember which genre was accusing Nolan of the ripoff) that’s been out for decades.  I’m like that wacky bear/cat/camp kid/robot from the EVO vs. iPhone4 video.  I DON’T CARE.  INCEPTION GAVE MY MOVIE-LOVING SIDE WHAT IT MUST HAVE.  Which meant that I got a cloner.  WIN-WIN.


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