two days… TWO DAYS!!!

Two days into my “blog a day for 30 days” pledge and I DIDN’T PUBLISH A BLOG! The only thing that’s stupid about this – other than the fact that I’m addressing my little flub it at ALL… I mean, I know there’s a lot of actually important shit happening in the world and I DEFINITELY am not blogging about that today – is that I could have literally published a blog that read “BLOG A DAY? HERE YA GO, YA RUMP ROASTS.” It’s literally just a matter of typing SOMETHING and then hitting ‘Publish.’ Yep. THAT’S how lame I am at this game. So I won’t even provide an excuse. It simply didn’t happen.

But I’m here now. I’m writing to say hello, that you’re pretty (but maybe up your flossing frequency, ‘kay?), and that this video of a slow loris absolutely BASKING in the glory of a wee-tiny umbrella will make you shit your MIND!!! Hey… if I don’t have anything to say, I might as well share videos that fill me with glee and delight. And which will perhaps also cause you to shit your mind. I DON’T KNOW, I CAN’T PREDICT THIS THINGS WITH 100% ACCURACY! But I’m pretty sure I’m on point with this one.

Hey, guys! I’m looking for a J-O-B! If you know of a good one – or really, just… ONE… tellllll mama. And have a most glorious day. Read the news. Do good things. Be better than you were yesterday. That’s what’s actually important. Silly blogs like mine are really just mental cherry tomatoes on your SO HILARIOUS I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S JUST SALAD of life! Really… salad is HILARIOUS, amirite???

women laughing while eating salad


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