Latest Favorites

I have a lot of things in life that I really like a lot. Sometimes, the level of really wanes, or the thing liked is forgotten, but truly, I like so many things (like, REALLY like) that if I were even ABLE to remember all of them forever, I’d probably have room for nothing else in my brain! And I need to be able to do my taxes, honey. Speaking of, I gotta make this quick… SO!

Here are a couple of my latest and greatest “things that I really like”:

1. Pagecrusher’s new blog – It’s poetry done awesome.
(as an aside, every time I say “pagecrusher” I can’t help but think of the episode of Family Guy where Peter is selling backscratchers… backscratCHAAAAAA!!!)

2. Gardens & Villa and their super laid-back summer jam that hasn’t turned into a summer jam YET but I have GREAT HOPES!!! And check it: YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THIS TRACK FOR FREEEEEEEE.

It was recoded in muthafuckin’ Cottage Grove last summer and so I am gonna bet a cool FIVE Washingtons that these dudes took a dip (or 10) in the cool blue waters of the ol’ res’.

I’ve given you external reading material AND a soundtrack. My work here for today is done.


One response to “Latest Favorites

  1. Thanks for the shout! It filled my ego-bellows with hot, lofty joy.

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